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January 14, 2019

Schools have been very busy the last two weeks admitting Form 1 students. As this is the first time the students are joining Secondary School, there is a lot that comes with admitting them. The teachers must make sure the students have all the necessary requirements academically, that tuition fees are paid, and that all the necessary medical requirements have been met. It was, therefore, impossible for the Choice Club meetings to start last week. The new students need to settle down, then the schools will be able to start the lessons for the term.

A new year of school always brings a lot of excitement for the old students. They are very excited to meet the new students who join the school. They spend a lot of time following them around, trying to find out where they come from, what schools they were in previously, and what marks they attained in the just-concluded exams. This kind of behavior is experienced in almost all the schools, and once the excitement is over, the students settle down to books.

Shiners School is looking forward to our forming a new club at the school. They are finalizing details with the newcomers, and Friday we will go to the school for our Introduction class.  Kimuka School has a new Principal, and I will meet her on Wednesday, so we can introduce the Choice Club to her.

We visited another two schools last week, Njabini Girls School and Mt. Kinangop School. In both schools we met the Principals who were very happy to learn about the Club and its teachings. Both schools were also busy admitting new students. The Principals said they would get back to us this week.

This year, as we teach the Choice Club curriculum, we will also form a book club with the members. I intend to introduce a book called I’M TOO PRETTY TO BE BROKE (and other lies you’ve been telling yourself). This book is written by a female author. It highlights 21 lies that growing girls tend to tell themselves, for example, when a girl says she is too pretty to be broke, she should ask herself one vital question: “How far can beauty take you?” Fully relying on your looks for success is likely to limit you in terms of life-options. You will consciously or subconsciously be looking for career fields in which looks matter. Subsequently, you might miss out on a career that might make you wealthy or the one career that you might fully enjoy dedicating your life towards. The truth here is that a woman’s beauty is not synonymous with success. There needs to do so much more to a female than simply having a pretty face. Striving for self-awareness, self-identity, and self-confidence, far exceed outer appearance on the priority list. Being all-rounded will not only open doors but increase the likelihood that those doors will ‘stay’ open.

Our Pokot girls are doing well. We spoke with Cecilia today, and I communicated with the rest in the course of last week. Cecilia went to get a college uniform today in Marigat town that she is required to wear for school. We sent her money, so she could purchase what she needed. She is grateful, and they all send their warm regards.

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