Niabini Choice Club

January 21, 2019

Njabini Girls School is in Nyandarua County, Kinangop Constituency. The school has a beautiful view of the Aberdare Rangers that stretches out majestically to the front of the school, as well as a lovely view of the Sasumua Dam to the back of the school.  The climate in Kinangop is usually chilly: scarves, leg warmers and marvins form part of the school uniform to help ward off the cold. The school has a small number of 160 girls who come from all the major towns in Kenya.

We met with the school Principal who gave us a brief tour of the school, showed us around and expressed his joy at the opportunity we were offering the girls at the school. Just like all the other girls’ schools here, he has concerns about the safety of the girl-child especially in these turbulent times. As much as he is running a school, he has a responsibility to ensure that the girls are molded in the right way, so they can become good and responsible citizens of the world.

We met the girls who are going to become part of the Choice Club members. We are aiming at receiving 50 girls into the Club. Though they have other clubs that meet at the school like Journalism, Music, Agriculture, among others, they have never had a mentorship club, and the excitement for our club was quite evident. We start classes this week on Thursday. We picked the office bearers when we met the girls. We will also form a book club with these girls, as well, and discuss a different topic from our curriculum each week.

We have a meeting at Shiners School on the 26th of this month for our Introduction Class followed by Kimuka School. We will be visiting one more school tomorrow.



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