Financial Challenges and the Rewards of Success.

February 4, 2019

Our Choice Club meetings have continued well at the various schools. We are receiving a lot of support from the club patrons and the school principals. At Njabini Girls, the school Director spoke to us about how extremely difficult it is to deal with girls this age, especially at this time, when there is so much negative influence from the media. They are trying very hard to make sure they are making a strong contribution to bringing up girls that are morally upright and respectable members of society, but he said it is an uphill battle. The girls are very much aware of the environment around them, and the kind of stress their parents are going through just to put them through school.

The school fees (around $230 per term) is a lot of money for the parents considering many have other children also attending school. We spoke to a parent who had brought her daughter for Form 1 admission. She was telling us she has delayed admitting her daughter in school because of financial challenges. She is a housewife who does odd jobs to complement her husband’s salary. The husband is a casual laborer, and it took him a long time to accumulate the fees needed for his daughter to join Form 1, especially considering they have other children in Primary School. Her prayer was that her daughter would remain focused in school and finish Form 4 without falling pregnant. She said that her worst fear was her daughter falling into the wrong company and forgetting the struggles back home. We briefly explained to her what The Choice Club is all about, and she requested that I ensure that her daughter join the club. She was very happy to hear about the topics we will be discussing at the club.

Our girls in Pokot are doing well, and we have been in contact with them. One of the girls and her family had a fundraiser for her younger sister who is joining Secondary School. The family has seen the positive effect on her older sister who Valvisions put through school and who also joined college. Her older sister is now called a teacher in her village, and any one with the title of ‘teacher’ in any village in Kenya, is held in very high esteem. They have seen this daughter grow and mature to become a fine young lady in control of her life. She did not get cut as her mother and the community would have wished, nor did she get married at a young age. She has ‘made it’ despite the many, many challenges and all of that has motivated her mother to send her younger daughter to school. These are the kind of stories that keep us motivated to continue doing what we do.

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