Teen Drug Problems

March 4, 2019

Drug and substance abuse have become almost insurmountable challenges in our schools. Teachers and parents are intensely struggling against these issues with their children and feel they are losing the battle. They are wondering what to do with their kids who have become zombies due to these abuses. The drugs have found a way into the schools and as much as the teachers are doing their best to check the students when they arrive at school, they somehow find a way to sneak the drugs into the buildings. Students as young as 14 years of age are being sent into rehab centers because they have become addicted to drugs. It is so sad to find young boys and girls who should be in school learning skills and advancing their lives, instead, being treated inside rehab centers for drug addition: this is every parent’s worst nightmare.

We met a parent who told us she noticed something was wrong with her son, when he started locking himself in his room refusing to allow anyone to enter. Her fears were confirmed when she went into his room while he was outside talking to a friend. She took the opportunity of his absence to search his room and found a whole bunch of bangi (cannabis) stuffed inside a bag. She told us she almost collapsed in shock. After confronting her son, he admitted that not only has he been using the drug but that he is now, also a distributer. As we listened to her story, I could see how broken she was and how deeply grieved. She realizes her son is in serious need of rehab and treatment as she suspects he is using harder drugs, as well.

We had this discussion at AIC Ngong today, and the girls confirmed that they know of friends hooked on drugs and, unfortunately, that those friends try to influence others to turn to drugs, as well. We revisited the topic we had covered earlier about peer pressure, reminding the girls to remain strong, so they don’t get sucked up into the vice. They are very much aware of the drugs in the market, so we taught them what we knew about the harmful effects of each. Prescription drugs have also been abused by some of the students. Cough medicine, due to easy accessibility, is one of the medicines the students are abusing.  As a result, most schools now insist on all medicines being kept with the school nurse who administers the drugs as prescribed.  Left to their own devices, the kids tend to take an overdose of some of the cough syrups.

Valvisions Scholars Update

We spoke to the Valvisions Scholars this week, they are resuming college in April. We want them to come to Nakuru this month, when we will be holding a meeting at Shiners School, so they can talk to the Choice Club members and help motivate them. We mentioned this to the Club patron, and she said they would be very welcome at the school, especially considering that they are former students.

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