Valvisions Scholars Update

March 2019

The girls will be coming to Nairobi at the end of this month, so they can attend college when schools close. We have been in touch with them throughout the week. They are, however, suffering from the severe drought that has, once again, hit their village. There has not been rain in the country since last year and most crops have failed due to the dry conditions. Pokot is usually hard hit when the rains fail; numerous people and their livestock suffer death. The media is awash with images of starving children, the elderly and the sick. It is very sad to see people starve to death; it is a miserable way to die. The relief food is barely enough for all the starving residents. Schools have been shut down as students go in search of food and water for their families. The porridge they were being offered at school to entice them to attend classes is no longer available.

As the girls look forward to coming to Nairobi to attend college, they worry about the plight of their parents and siblings back home.






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