Valvisions Foundation Girls

April 3, 2019

Our girls will be coming to college this week as they near the end of their two years in college. One of the girls resumed earlier because she is training as a nursery school teacher. She came on the 31st of March and on the 1st we prepared her for returning to school. Her tuition fee is paid, and she has all the supplies she needs for the next three weeks while at college. She has remained very focused on her studies. Like the other girls in the program, she comes to school on time, consults a lot with her teachers, and keeps in touch even while at home. She always brings a jar of honey from home that she has carefully harvested from their beehive as a gift to us. Pokot has the purest and sweetest honey in the country. Despite the harsh climate that they endure most of the year, they are blessed with a lot of honey which they harvest and sell. They use the money from the proceeds to buy food that they do not grow there like kales, corn and beans. Despite the current biting drought in Pokot, our scholar looks radiant and happy. She is very positive about life. We learn a lot from her resilience. She is one of our success stories. Her mother was very keen to see her, and her sisters face the knife, so they could get married and bring the much sought-after camels and other livestock. Her mother, has, however, relented after seeing her daughter’s success. Her younger sister has also joined Secondary school due to Sandra’s influence. The mother now values education and does not want her daughters to be cut.

Our other 2 girls will resume on the 7th of this month, so we are expecting them over the weekend.

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