Valvisions Scholarship Girls

April 8, 2019

Two of our scholarship girls are back in college now. They will be in school for the next three weeks. It was very nice to see them; we have not met since December when they last came to college. They both look happy and healthy despite the current drought situation back home.

They have been in touch with the rest of the girls in the Scholarship Program, and they say they are all well. One of the girls has opted to get admission at Moi Teachers’ training college where Cecilia is currently enrolled. She realized that waiting for Thogoto Teachers college to re-admit her in August would take too long. She is at home doing nothing much; her child has now been weaned, so she can comfortably leave her with the mother as she rejoins college.

These girls have found purpose and meaning in their lives because of the opportunity they were offered to attend school. They have proved that hard work pays off by remaining focused in school and in college, as well. Most of their peers were not as fortunate to get a secondary education leave alone having the opportunity to attend college. The two years that they needed in college are almost over, and they want to pursue their college education further with time. They are stars in their village.They have overcome a lot of odds to get where they are in life. We salute them and wish them all the best in their upcoming examinations in May.




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