Valvisions Scholars to Speak at Shiners Choice Club

April 15, 2019

One of the Valvisions’ scholars finished her exams and went back home last Friday. She came ahead of the rest because her exams started earlier. She is studying for the Early Childhood Certificate Program. She arrived home safely and was considerate enough to call and let us know of the same.

The other Valvisions’ scholars who are both studying for the Primary 1 Program are still in school for another two weeks. After which they will sit their exams, and then return home. They will all come back to Nakuru in the second week of May, so they can attend the Choice Club meeting at Shiners School. They will be given an opportunity to speak to the entire school as a way of motivating the girls there. They truly are a success story, and even as they near the completion of their college education, our hope is that they will be responsible citizens who will show passion, compassion, responsibility, integrity, and positively impact their communities with the skills and knowledge they have acquired both at Secondary school and in college. Our belief is that by sharing our own unique experiences, we can help shape the life of others. Our girls have come a long way, endured much to get to where they are- as we can attest, a little progress each day adds up to big results….

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