Abusive Marriages

June 10, 2019

Since the year began, we have witnessed several gender-based murders. Many young women and girls have been killed. Most of the deaths are the result of either love gone sour or domestic violence. A few of the women who survived the domestic violence were questioned. When asked why they stayed in abusive marriages, the responses were generally that the women had nowhere to go for safety.

These women are suffering in bad marriages because they cannot afford to take care of their children on their own. They need the mens’ financial help, and the men have used this advantage to batter the women at the slightest provocation. Our topic on ‘Women and Money’ was very well received by the girls at the Choice Club. They have witnessed first-hand what their mothers are going through because they do not have financial independence. The rate of suicide in Kenya has risen greatly over the past few months, and in some instances, children have been killed by their parents before they took their own lives. Most of those who leave behind suicide notes always blame poverty for their actions and domestic violence. They say they can no longer take care of their children, and so they don’t see the need for living. They kill their children to spare them the agony of growing up in poverty. Such is their reasoning. Most of the suicide victims are women and children.

When a woman is financially stable, she can control her life and claim her rights. Financial stability gives the woman the confidence and credibility to participate in important matters of decision-making for herself and her family. She is able to help her husband run the home by paying some of the bills.  Her financial assistance lifts the burden from him, and her husband will, hopefully, appreciate and support her efforts. When women earn money for themselves, they are immediately more in control of their lives. They are not trying to compete with their spouses- this fact needs to be clearly communicated and understood.

Most women who are in abusive marriages confirm that their spouses restrict them from access to financial resources. They live with the abuser because they lack financial independence, which would otherwise enable them to have a choice. It has been proven that women who earn an income reinvest 90% of it to their families as compared to 30% or 40% for men. It is, therefore, important to educate girls and give them the choice to gain employment or to become an entrepreneur. We need independent and empowered women. Supporting women to be financially independent is a key step towards this goal.

Internet Article published May 3, 2019





Kenya:  Increasing Number of Women Murdered by Domestic Partners

Statistics from police records, over recent years, have pointed to an increase in violence directed specifically at women.

May 3, 2019 Banco del Alba News/Kenya.  Since January, Kenya has experienced the murder of at least 14 women at the hands of their romantic partners, which has drawn attention to violence within the family dynamic. 

Experts have said that some of the contributing factors to violence within domestic relationships are depression, drug abuse, and economic instability. 

In general, homicide cases have been gradually increasing every year in Kenya. In 2016, the country recorded some 2,751 cases. The following year, there were reportedly 2,774.  In 2018, there was a significant spike with 2,856 cases reported to the police.

Urban areas, such as Eldoret, Nakuru, Meru, and Nairobi, have been classified as the deadliest regions for violent crime. 

Statistics from police records over recent years have pointed to an increase in violence directed specifically at women. More often, men are the perpetrators in homicide cases. While victims are both men and women, women are being targeted at a higher rate. 

The most recent case took place on April 28, when Grace Kagura was stabbed to death in her living room in Nairobi’s Pipeline Estate. Neighbors heard screams and attempted to get into the apartment, but the apartment was locked. The accused, James Wambugu, was found naked, along with his victim, holding the murder weapon.

In another case, a woman who previously reported an assault case against her husband was later killed by him. Twenty-eight-year-old, Evelyn Musira, was found dead inside her home by neighbors with multiple stab wounds. Her husband has yet to be located and is the prime suspect in her death. 

Postmortem examinations reveal that the main causes of death in most domestic-related murders are puncture wounds, strangulation, and head injuries.

 – May 3, 2019 Banco del Alba News/Kenya 

Valvisions Scholars Update

The Valvisions Scholars are still at college. We have visited them and spoken to them on the phone today. They are still engaged in the teaching practice, and they are doing fine. They are happy to be practicing in a town school as opposed to the village where they were previously teaching. They have high chances of getting teaching jobs in Nbi city and that is our prayer. Their final results will be out by the end of this month, and we trust that they will pass. It is very cold here and more so in Thogoto. We will see the others in the course of this week, as well. We will take supplies that they need and warm sweaters.

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