Children’s Rights

June 24, 2019

Despite there being rights that protect children, many of them still suffer great injustices. Many have no access to education; they are forced into child labor, early marriages, and easily exploited by some of the people that have been entrusted to their care. Children the world over face serious injustices. Several are kidnapped for ransom and are inflicted with isolation, trauma. These will inevitably develop deep-seated trust issues often lead to depression later in life. Most of the mental illnesses that children suffer are the result of early childhood trauma and serious issues within their upbringing. Children lack the capacity to take care of themselves; too many living with their guardians face a lot of abuse and oppression. The children suffer silently without questioning whatever they face.

It is important for people to speak out against child related abuse and injustices. People need to be empowered to help in the fight to end social injustices towards children or at least, find a way to promote better living conditions for such children.

In Kenya, we have many children living on the streets. They come from broken homes, some are orphans, some are abandoned. The majority lack families that can take them into their homes. There have gathered to form large street families and most of these sniff glue to release stress, escape the reality of poverty, and to wade off hunger pangs. The glue is readily available and affordable though the health risks are major. These children need care, protection, and guidance. 

Below are some of the Universal children’s rights:

The right to association with both parents

The right to physical protection

The right to food and shelter

The right to an education

The right to healthcare

The right to play and recreation

The right to protection from abuse and harm

The right to equal opportunities

The right to guidance from a caring adult

The right to spiritual development

Women, on the other hand, have the right to live free from violence, free from slavery, and free from discrimination.  Women also have the right to own property, to be educated, the right to own a fair and equal pay, as well as the right to vote, among others.


Pictures like this tell a story of the length a woman will go to feed her children.

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