July 29, 2019

Two of our Valvisions Scholars finally said goodbye to Thogoto Teachers Training college on the 25th of this month. They have completed their studies and their 2 years in college. They have had a hectic 3 months completing their teaching practice and sitting through their exams. We celebrated an evening with them last night during which time they expressed their gratitude and joy at the accomplishments they have achieved. They are looked at very differently in their community now. They have proven themselves to be outstanding young women. They attained good grades at school, were not ‘cut’ and are now moving up the ladder of success. They were telling us they have been considered for an all-country censors’ exercise as invigilators. While other girls are applying for the slots and not getting accepted, they were approached and asked to apply. After applying, they were accepted and for the next few months will be engaged by the government and paid. They are ranked highly due to their secondary education. Valvisions Foundation made this possible for them, and the girls are so grateful. Our third Valvisions Scholar finished earlier, and she is at home waiting for the results.
Looking at the girls all grown up now, independent, confident and with high self-esteem, melts our hearts. We were reminiscing with them about the day they first came to Nakuru to join Secondary School. They were young, timid girls, afraid of the ‘big city,’ unsure about their future, confused about life. They couldn’t even look us in-the-eyes. When they joined school, they were not prepared for the culture shock (flush toilets scared them! They were accustomed to pit latrines, so they huddled together and tried to figure out the strange phenomenon). We had a good laugh thinking of how far they have come and how much they have achieved. They went back home as changed young women. They now look forward to giving back to their community some of the knowledge, insights, care and concern they have achieved and been awarded.

I escorted the girls all the way to Nakuru and ensured that they got transport home.


It was a bitter-sweet goodbye. We have been together for the last 7 years. We have learned a lot from each other. God willing our paths will cross again; I wish them the very best as they go forth to better lives.
Valvisions Scholar Appreciation Letter – Vivian

Valvisions Scholar Appreciation Letter – Alexine

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