August 5, 2019

In the Choice Club mentorship program, we aim to equip the students with the understanding and tools to make ethical and informed decisions. We hope to help the students become better leaders by enabling them to relate to a variety of different kinds of people. Encouraging them to develop strong communication skills helps them handle the different situations they will, doubtless, find themselves in during the course of life, thus boosting their self-esteem and helping them feel better about themselves. Being a friend and confidant to the students helps them navigate through tough the stages. Students go through a lot of struggles as they grow up, trying to figure out who they are and where they fit-in in the world.

Today, we met one of the girls who graduated in our mentorship program from Shiners Girls School in 2018.

She told me she did not perform very well in her final exams, but due to the Choice Club teachings, she knew she could not give up on life. One thing we strive to tell the girls is that in life one also has to have a Plan B. When things do not turn out like expected, you get up, dust yourself off, and you move on with your life from there. Working smart with a lot of humility and honesty pays off.

This particular girl looked for a cleaning job in one of the beauty shops in an up-scale mall and dedicatedly worked herself up to a shop attendant position. Her words to me were: ‘I took what you taught us and put it into practice.’

She now runs the shop, looks absolutely amazing, and has excellent customer care skills. She introduced the products on sale and even performed a demonstration on me. She is very knowledgeable about the product range the shop uses.

Getting good grades is key, but she did not need an A grade to do what she’s doing. She put the grade that she got into good use and by having a positive attitude, she’s in a happy place now. Sometimes we don’t get what we want in life, but we do have choices. How we put those choices to use is what is important. We are so proud of Lucy, and we told her as much in spades. She ‘could’ have stayed at home and become a bother to her parents as being idle can create a lot of opportunity to engage in unhealthy activities. The parents may not have funds for college at the moment, but she has gone ahead and made use of her God given talents and that’s what we all hope to achieve.

She is definitely a success story from the Choice Club.





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