August 12, 2019

What is Gigantomachia? Gigantomachia is a condition where the breasts grow abnormally big, and the weight becomes a health concern. Ruth Makena Mugaa was diagnosed with the condition after finishing high school, during which time, she underwent intense agony from issues like constant shoulder dislocation resulting from the condition. She eventually underwent surgery; 7.3kgs of tissue mass was removed from her chest; 4kg’s of mass were removed from one breast and 3.3kg’s from the other.

After the surgery, Ruth took time to recover. Once she healed, she felt tremendously better. She naturally experienced an overwhelming lighter feeling, and her shoulder was no longer dislocated. Her self-esteem rose to new heights.

We invited Ruth to give a talk to the girls at Kimuka School during our Choice Club meeting. She told the girls how she suffered with low self-esteem while at school, how people made snide remarks when she passed by, and how hard it was for her to get a bra that would fit her. Her academic performance was greatly affected at school; she kept wondering why her breasts were growing at such a huge rate. She definitely stood out amongst the other girls. Men made passes at her because of her breasts yet, she was just a young girl both age-wise and emotionally.

After her surgery, she was so grateful for the support she got that she decided to start the GIGANTOMASTIA FOUNDATION where she offers women and young girls struggling with the condition, hope. Though the surgery is expensive (around $5,000), Ruth goes around the country fundraising and asking hospitals to give discounted rates for the women. She has had a lot of success with the surgeries and many women and young girls have benefited from her tremendous efforts.

The girls at Kimuka School were very excited to meet her. She talked to them at length about the condition and answered their many questions. They girls all learned something new; some even confessed to feeling uncomfortable because of their big busts.

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