September 23, 2019

We held our first graduation ceremony for the Choice Club 2019 at A.I.C Ngong School. The club members were so happy to have graduated from the club. It is the first time the school experienced such an activity; the school administration was very grateful to Valvisions Foundation for offering the mentorship program.

When we first began the program, many girls were curious to know what it was all about. We selected about 40 girls but by the time we graduated we had almost 50 girls. They kept coming and joining the club after they heard from their colleagues about the topics being taught. We had to make up classes for those who had missed the initial topics, but by the time we reached graduation, everyone had caught up.
The school has a large group of the Masai community who would, otherwise, not be at school due to FGM and early marriages. It is encouraging to see that the Masai girls are now joining schools because their parents are starting to see the benefits in their acquiring an education. The Masai girls used to be very quiet in the initial stages of the program, but with time they have opened up and became very interactive in the club. Our guest, Miss Violet, gave the girls words of encouragement. The Form 4’s sit their exams in a month’s time.
The school administration said they have seen a lot of improvement with the girls in the club. We had all the girls in Form 1 who had just joined the school as club members; they were very timid and most had low self-esteem. The 9 months we have been with them, they have become much more empowered. Those that were shy initially have really opened up. Most of the topics we cover focus on the issues that one needs to address as a student and helps them know what to do, who to go to for information. Other topics gives offer the girls skills on how to carry on with life to avoid getting entangled in detrimental situations that will ultimately cause the girls harm. Peer pressure was a good subject to discuss with them; if the girls can manage peer pressure now, they will have an easier time at school without getting into trouble due to bad behavior and attitude.
We had a good day recapping all the topics we’ve covered. It was encouraging to watch the girls really take good notes. They were also happy to share what they have learned during the course of the classes.
Afterwards, the club members cooked lunch which was shared with all the girls at the school and some members of the staff. The school diet is usually very basic, so there was much joy when the girls shared a meal that included meat, chapati, mixed vegetables, rice and beverages of juice.
Receiving certificates was the highlight of the day. They were happy to have a document that will go into their C.V when they finish school.
We had a colorful occasion and a cake to celebrate the girls’ achievement. The rest of the girls in the school are looking forward to joining the club next year. Below are a few photos of the day:

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