Children’s Day

November 25, 2019

Universal Children’s day was celebrated on the 20th of November. Children the world over are vulnerable and exposed to abuse and exploitation. The United Nations declared the Universal Children’s Day in 1954. This was to aid in promoting international togetherness, create awareness among children worldwide, and improve children’s welfare.

Children suffer in the hands of adults, the same people who are supposed to take care of them. We have religious cults that have come up that do not believe in taking their children to the hospital or to school. They keep their children at home and are not allowed to interact with other children who are not from the same religion. These children have been known to die of preventable diseases like diarrhea, measles, chickenpox, and pneumonia. The government has done a lot to fight these false religions and to take the children away. The children are taken to the hospital for the necessary injections and then taken to school. Some of these children are brainwashed to believe that the schools and hospitals are not good and so try to oppose the intervention, but they are underage, and the government has the upper hand.

Poverty, broken families, and other conflicts contribute to depression, and when parents are depressed, the children suffer. We have many cases of children who have been killed by their parents due to conflict in the family. Recently there was a case of a mother who took her two children on a trip to visit their dad who works in another town. The parents were estranged and living apart. After they visited their father, the children left for home, but two days later, they had not arrived at their destination. An alarm was raised about the disappearance of the children. For a full week, police officials tried tracing the children to no avail. Their father was arrested as he was the last person seen with the family. Later, we heard on the news that the mother and her two children were found buried in a shallow grave in the same town they had gone to visit their father. The news was all over the television, newspapers, and all social media platforms. The devastating news caused a lot of tension in the country. These were school-going children who had many friends; they lived in a neighborhood and socialized with others; suddenly they were no more. The pain most people carried was for the innocent children. Whatever the conflict was between the parents, the children did not deserve to die. Women have been advised to leave abusive marriages and relationships because children are the ones that suffer most in these situations. We have numerous children on the streets who are living deplorable lives- out in the cold, hungry and unprotected with no access to medical care or education. The laws that have been put in place should be able to protect these children. So much more still needs to be done.

One of our Valvisions scholars is still in college pursuing her certificate in Early Childhood Development Education (E.C.D.E) in Nakuru. We have been in communication with her. She is very committed to finishing her course and getting an opportunity to teach back home. Pokot has been hard hit by floods, one again, but our girls and their families are well. They are, however, on high alert to move anytime the rivers in their area get flooded. We are keeping a close watch on them and hoping all will be well.

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