December 26, 2019

Our Kenya Program:

As we close the year, below are some of the achievements we made in 2019:

  • We had 4 schools signed up for the Choice Club Mentorship Program.
  • We finished with the Choice Club curriculum on time with all the schools and graduated all the members.
  • We graduated over 200 girls in all the four schools. In Njabini, Kimuka and AIC Ngong we were able to offer lunch to all the girls in the school during the graduation ceremony.
  • We introduced a book club in two of the schools. The book titled “I AM TOO PRETTY TO BE BROKE,” was well received by the girls. We discussed different topics in various meetings.
  • We had a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity with all the schools where we offer the scholarship program. In Njabini Girls, we visited a neighboring Primary School where we played with the young boys and girls. We offered them snacks and gave sanitary towels to the girls in the upper classes. In AIC Girls, we visited a girls ‘Rescue Centre where we helped clean up and cook. We shared a meal and finally played games with them. In Kimuka Girls, the club members used the funds saved up to pay tuition fees for one of the members whose family was unable to pay for her. At Shiners school, the funds went to a children’s home where food was distributed on behalf of the club members.
  • We managed to rescue a girl who had threatened to commit suicide and locked herself in her bedroom. She had refused to go back to school though she was sitting her final exams. Through counselling and offering love and support, she agreed to go back to school and sat her final exams. The parents were very grateful for the support.
  • We gave sanitary towels to the needy girls in all the schools where we offer the Choice Club Mentorship Program.
  • We were invited to other schools including a mixed Primary School to talk to the students on mental and physical health.
  • Valvisions Foundation was recognized for supporting the schools with the Choice Club Mentorship Program which has helped many students especially those with challenges to stay in school.
  • The girls from Pokot, who are part of the Helen Valverde Scholarship Fund, received support to attend college at Thogoto Teachers’ College. They finished their education and all passed their exams with high scores. They have joined the teaching profession.
  • The girls in the scholarship program who got pregnant after they finished Secondary School were given an opportunity to go back to college. We currently have Cecilia, who has joined a college in Nakuru, and, also, Janet, who will join in March 2020. Both are receiving scholarships from Valvisions Foundation.
  • We partnered with Reachout Centre Trust where we held a three-day workshop with the recovered and recovering addicts, Community Leaders and Peer Educators. Valvisions Foundation provided the meals for the conference and provided transport to those attending the conference. Each group cut a cake at the end of the conference provided by Valvisions Foundation.
  • The monthly budgets have been met and all accountability sent on a monthly basis.



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