The Power of Positive Thinking

February 3, 2020

“I never get it,” “nobody likes me,” “I always get everything wrong” …. Do you hear this kind of negative thoughts? These affirmations are common in all of us, but our task is to believe and demonstrate that we can do better than this.

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.

Teenagers have the habit of comparing themselves, their body, and their appearance to other girls their age. This unconsciously creates pressure on them. The changes in a teenage girl’s body might make her doubt herself. One becomes extremely cautious about everything she does, wears or even talks about. This often adversely affect her self-esteem.

Out of the challenges we discussed last week, it was evident that the girls at the schools need a lot of motivation so as to boost their self-esteem. This week, we invited a foreign student to shadow me during the meetings and to share her experiences with the girls. Being a Muslim and coming from a completely different environment and culture, she got to see and hear how life for a student in Kenya is like on a daily basis. She also shared her experience as a 15-year-old teenage girl studying in an Arab country. As much as the girls admired her foreign experience, they got to learn that she, too, has challenges though of a different nature. For example, in her country, girls cannot mix with boys in the same school compound; the schools are totally separated while in Kenya, mixed day and boarding schools are allowed in the school system.  The advantage in both experiences is that girls get to encourage themselves and learn from each other without pressure from male dominance which usually brings down their confidence as they try to measure up. They get to prove themselves and other girls are motivated by the fact that one of their own has succeeded.

We also established that another cause of low self-esteem is that our students compare themselves to students from outside the country that have a better quality of education, and they think those students have better opportunities to pursue their careers and dreams. This is not necessarily the case; the facilities provided here ensure that each girl can achieve their goal confidently when they work hard and are properly guided.

Both sides were glad to share their experiences and encouraged to pursue their goals for the future.

We all CAN, we just need to cut out the negativity in our lives.

Members of the Choice Club at Shiners Girls.

We have 50 members currently.

The Head Girl at Shiners School who

is the Chairlady of the Choice Club 

Welcoming the Form 1students at Kimuka School.

They have over 300 girls in Form 1!

The visiting student with students of AIC NGONG

With students of Njabini Girls




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