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March 16, 2020

Studying is one of life’s most important tasks, but it can still seem impossible sometimes. This is especially true if you are trying to study something that you must learn but find little interest in the subject matter.

Many students are eager to finish school, get a college education, and ultimately achieve the dream job they have been desiring. When the students are asked what they would like to be after school, we generally receive a wide range of responses, but the big question is, what subjects must one excel in, in order to qualify for a certain profession.

We decided that creating a chart for the students demonstrating the different professions and subjects that need to be taken will help the students a great deal by teaching them what is involved with their many choices. We plan to have these charts distributed in every school where we offer the Choice Club mentorship program. We think this will help the students with information about varying career choices and the skills and qualifications needed for each. In order to achieve this, the girls will need to look at their skills, for example, are you a good communicator or team player? What are your personal qualities, for example, are you approachable, well-organized? What jobs, subjects, interest do you like and/or dislike, what are your career ideas and plans for the future? It is important to take into consideration any barriers involved such as personal circumstances, financial and family support.

The girls need to take time to think about what they like to do, and dream and imagine ideal careers.  Thinking about the perfect career requires the students to have a positive mindset, and ultimately, not allow any barriers to hold them back from finding the perfect career.

Students so often feel the pressure to do what their parents are asking them to do or follow a certain path because others seem to be excelling in it. It is important for each of them to remember that we are all gifted differently, and everyone truly needs to find and to follow their own path in life.

We think it is important for the student to be sure that what is being offered is what the student is interested in, and that the students have skills that correlate with that interest.  It is, likewise, important, for the student to look at the projected job availability for the career one chooses.



Never Stop Learning: Read, Grow, and Expand Your Mind




Don’t spend too much time worrying what other people in your high school are doing or letting their opinions about your dreams and ambitions affect your decision.

Creating a career chart will help the students understand what subjects they need to study in order to qualify for a particular profession. Below is an example of such a chart using the subjects taught in a typical Kenyan Secondary School.



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