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April 6, 2020

There is so much evil in the world, maybe that is one of the reasons God has put the world on ‘pause.’ We need to re-think our ways. As I sit here, I am reminded of the many times I have watched injustice being dished out to people who did not deserve it, helpless situations that bring one to tears, yet there is only so much one can do. When a man beats his wife countless times, inflicting pain on her time and again, only to eventually kill her, cutting her life short so brutally-what can I personally do?

A schoolgirl,16 years of age, is living with her married sister because their parents died. The sister’s husband offers to educate the girl, if only, however, that was his sole intent. He takes the young girl aside purporting to study with her, but rather, sexually molests her. The girl is terrified of telling her sister because she does not want to break up her marriage. The sister eventually finds out what has been going on and chases the poor girl from home. She protects her husband.  What can I do to right this wrong?

When a couple decides to open a children’s home, they get all the necessary paperwork, and because they have money and influence, no one bothers to check their background. They run the home military style, who cares that the children are used to raise funds for their personal gain? They ‘prosper’ and become very arrogant, until a whistle blower calls them out and they are promptly shut down, but the damage is already done. What can I do to mitigate the harm?

When the government give funds for the poor and elderly in the community to those that have been assigned as their guardians who pocket the cash, reporting to their charges that the government has delayed issuing the money- what can I do against the injustice?

When a mother takes her 9-year-old daughter to be cut, because she ‘will make a better wife’ when she is cut, she does not think about what she is doing to her daughter. The trauma and pain and betrayal lives with the girl for the rest of her life. She develops severe trust issues. The person who was supposed to protect her sold her off for a herd of cows, leaving her with the loud but silent message that that is all her life is worth. Her husband can do whatever he pleases with her; he owns her, don’t mind the age difference. What can I do to save her?

Blind, aged men and women, children with disabilities being pushed on wheelchairs on our roads, the minders wait at the traffic lights pushing the unfortunate to the vehicles forcing them to beg for money. The minders are young able men, they keep these group of people on the roads where the elements are harsh. They do not feed them or offer them comfort. Any money that is donated goes into the minder’s pocket. At the end of the day, they take the disabled and the blind back home, leaving them as they go out to enjoy the money they collected. The next day, the horrific charade starts again. And what can I do to stop this atrocity?

A politician impregnates a schoolgirl. When she begs for help, he hires people to kill her making it look like an accident, so her death is not linked to him. He drives his expensive car and wears his expensive suits while the poor girl’s family is in agony, wondering what became of their child. How can I turn back time to help the schoolgirl?

A child is left with her father after her birth mother dies. The father remarries and assumes his children from the first marriage are happy refusing to see all the telltale signs of abuse. He travels out of town for work and is called back home because his new wife was caught trying to drown his children in a nearby river. The neighbors are angry and calling for her blood. The children are fortunately saved, but what does this event impose on their mental health?  And what can I do to make this wickedness right?

As we sit in our houses and pray to God that this pandemic will pass, let us individually examine ourselves. We have become so complacent that we far too often do not care what goes on in our world. Let us be the voice that speaks out against evil. It does not matter how hopeless our voice may sound; someone will hear. As we complain about the crisis in the world, let us ask ourselves what we have done in our own small ways to make the world a better place.

Let us take care of the children, the elderly, the less privileged, the differently abled, in some way- large or small. These are human beings who, like us, need and want love and care. Let us treat others with the same measures by which we would like to be treated.

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