Gearing Up For School Re-Opening

May 25, 2020

This past week we managed to get a special pass that allowed us to visit Njabini school. Despite there being restrictions on movement, we were allowed to pass the police barrier, which was a great relief after being indoors for almost three months. We met with the Director and the Principle of Njabini school and were able to deliver the career chart and pin it up on the school wall. The chart, which is accessible to all the students, together with the motivational charts we will hang in the classrooms, will hopefully benefit the students even as they prepare for their final examinations and, as they forge forward towards a college education.

Mr. Kanyi the Principal of Njabini Girls and Grace




Mr. Kaniu and Mr. Kanyi

The school Principal, Mr. Kanyi, told us that students have been calling him to say they are looking forward to the school reopening. As much as they have typically looked for a break from the tedious school routine, this time they are tired of staying at home and desiring to return to school. Mr. Kanyi impressed us by showing us his list of telephone numbers for all of the students and their parents. He has been calling them on a regular basis to check on them. He feels concern about the students staying home because like we all fear, idleness and boredom often breeds bad behavior. Keeping the students engaged and motivated is the best way to keep them out of trouble, yet we do not know how long the lockdown will continue.

There is hope that though the whole school may not reopen on the 6th, the students who are candidates will be allowed to resume classes. The small numbers will ensure that the students are able to manage social distancing and maintain high levels of hygiene especially hand washing. Most parents are skeptical about sending their children back to school with the numbers of those infected going up on a daily basis. They are concerned their children may lack the discipline to keep their masks on; there is also a concern that some of the students will steal masks from one another and cause disruptions. The Ministry of Education has taken the grievances of the parents into account and will likely put strict measures into effect if the schools open.

Mr. Kanyi shared the telephone numbers of the students with us, so we will reach out this week to contact additional students.

Mr. Kanyi and the School Director hailed the Choice Club mentorship program for helping keep their students in check. They said they have seen a lot of improved behavior, a higher response to accepting responsibility, and a stronger focus to stay in school among the student body since the inception of the Choice Club at Niabini.

Our scholarship girls applied for teaching jobs this past week through the Ministry of Education. They received messages asking them to apply for the jobs, so that once schools open, they will be considered for teaching posts now that they have graduated from college. This is an excellent opportunity for them because once they are in the data base, they will have prospects of working anywhere in Kenya. We are immensely proud of them for being of service to their communities all this time.  It is a further tribute to their character that they are giving back to their community and encouraging other girls from their village to do the same. They continue to be role models for many of the girls and parents in Pokot. We talked to all of them; they are happy the rains have subsided and that the flooding has stopped.

Beautiful view of Sasumua Dam from the School Compound

The love of a mother. This woman, despite not being able to buy masks for herself and her children, did her best to improvise and protect them against the corona virus. She would be very worried if she had to send her young daughter, below, to school without putting proper measures in place.

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