Fistula Awareness

June 29, 2020

As the world marked another day of Fistula Awareness on May 23rd, many women had their chance to celebrate their triumph and tribulation over their experiences with fistula; others didn’t get a chance to step past their doorsteps because of the stench from their bodies~ the shame kept them from having a smile on their face.

Motherhood can be the most rewarding experience of every woman’s life if she gets adequate medical care and attention from the caregiver during childbirth, but if not, this can lead to her suffering from fistula (chronic incontinence due to a tear or hole) which then leaves her physically and emotionally traumatized.

Fistula will lower a woman’s self-esteem, keep her isolated from society and even driving her husband and family away, basically, casting her off as an outcast from the community.

For those communities which do not understand the cause of fistula, blaming the women themselves for such conditions is the most obvious consequence. Often the husbands or society forbid these mothers from seeing their children again, not realizing that the birth of these children placed their mothers in this predicament. This must be the most painful thing any mother can go through.

Fistula should not degrade a woman forever because generally, it is treatable, and women ‘can’ smile again.

There are many charitable organizations financially helping the women who dare to speak up about their condition. They are taken for surgeries and restored to hope.

We should choose to support and protect women suffering from this condition in whatever way we can and try to make a difference in each other’s lives. NO woman should suffer because she brought a child into the world.

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