Karamojong Girls Update

August 7, 2020

We were able to trace the Karamojong girls on the streets of Eastleigh in Nairobi. They are extremely scared of anyone who approaches them fearing those who approach could be with the police and have them arrested. Just like life on the streets, they have a leader. Fortunately, Grace was able to approach her and explain her agenda. Once the leader was convinced Grace meant no harm, she allowed her to sit with a group of the girls, and Grace was given the opportunity to speak with them. There is a church near the street where the girls hang out; the church elder was gracious enough to allow Grace to sit in the church compound and talk to the girls.

The girls’ stories are as horrific as the features on the news. The girls sleep on the streets and are required pay to use a public toilet nearby and to shower once a week. They are easily exploited, and as mentioned, stay in groups to ward off unwanted attention. The youngest in the group was 8 years old.

Sanitary towels are a great challenge because without employment the girls have no money to buy them. Grace distributed the pads to the girls who very much appreciated the donation. Grace also bought the girls lunch and left some little cash with their leader, so she could buy them food for the next few days. They practically begged Grace to come back with whatever support she could garner. 

The girls happy to receive sanitary towels.

The girls sit on the street hoping to get manual jobs.

One of the Karamojong girls who lives on the streets.

Grace with the Karamojong girls on the street.

This is where the girls call home.

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