Feedback On Self Love

September 21, 2020

We received positive and encouraging feedback from our discussions with the girls in the clubs we’ve formed. A group of 5 girls came together this week and underwent a self-evaluation session. Since they all live in the same community, they all undergo similar challenges. The girls resolved to look out for each other and promised to be better behaved. Some have been engaging in inappropriate relationships where they were obtaining money to maintain a false standard and self-image. The majority of these girls have received gift items like mobile phones, money, clothes, food and toiletries from the opposite sex in exchange for sexual favors.

After the discussion we had with the girls on self-love, they decided to stop entertaining the men and collecting gifts from them but rather to look for manual jobs that can give them an honest income. Simple household chores like washing and ironing people’s clothes, cleaning and cooking, and baby-sitting are jobs that are easy to come by. The girls plan to save the money they will earn to buy secondhand clothes to resell and make a profit. They can also buy grains like maize, green grams and millet which can be used to make porridge when blended together.

Two of the girls bucked the norm by cutting their hair said they realize now that short hair is easier and cost free to maintain. They no longer suffer from the peer pressure that bullies every girl into feeling the need to braid her hair in order to look good.

In this regard, we have come up with a quiz that the girls will answer to further prompt them to continue to work positively on themselves. Their answers will, hopefully, provide us insight on areas we need to work on to continue to help them.

Questions from the Quiz:

What do I love about my life?

What do I feel like my life is missing, and how can I get more of what I need?

Where do I want to be in 5 years?

Who are the people in my life that make me the happiest?

When am I the happiest version of me?

What do I love doing?

What am I afraid to do?

Can I improve on any of my daily habits?

What steps am I taking to reach my goals?

What makes me upset?

How can I add to my happiness?

Am I doing all that I can to reach my goals?

What areas of my life can I improve?

What are 5 things I love about myself?

What are 3 negative mindsets I need to release?

What will I accomplish next year?

How can I improve my daily routines?

What is one piece of advice I would give my future self?

How can I love myself more daily?

What can I do to practice more self-care throughout the week?

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