Summary of the year 2020- Kenya Program

December 22, 2020

  • We mentored, guided and offered counseling sessions to over 150 girls in the slums during the Covid pandemic.
  • We visited and encouraged our girls who were part of the Helen Valverde Scholarship Program in Pokot.
  • We donated sanitary towels, masks, toiletries, fliers to educate the girls in their community on the need to say no to Female Genital Mutilation and early marriages.
  • We visited and supported the teachers in the various schools where we offer the Choice Club Mentorship Program. We wanted to let the teachers know they are appreciated and to offer the teachers our support as schools were closed down due to Covid 19.
  • We visited children’s homes, and took care of other needy and vulnerable members of our society.
  • We resumed the mentorship classes for the Form 4 students when restrictions were relaxed. We helped them cope after being home for 7 months.
  • We visited various girls who fell pregnant as well as those who had babies during the pandemic. We encouraged both sets of girls to return to school.
  • We responded to distress calls from parents when their teenagers were unmanageable during the long break and managed to convince those that had run away to go back home.
  • We supplied 4 schools with a Career Chart. The chart will hopefully, guide the students to make informed choices about the current job situations as well as future career moves. We hope it will guide them on which subjects to focus on for the different careers.
  • We supplied a Thanksgiving meal for the teachers at Shiners School. Later, we guided the teachers on what signs to look for in girls who are going through depression and to alert us whenever necessary.
  • The Choice Club continues to be very helpful to the students. It advocates for personal growth through healthy lifestyle choices, stability, independence, assertiveness and respect for teenage girls.
  • Weekly reporting and the Kenya News Blog website updated.

 Taking care for and loving the less fortunate in our society.

Appreciating the teachers at Shiners Girls’ School.

Form Four girls at Shiners School during parade as we get ready to address them.

Sharing snacks with the girls at Shiners School as they get ready to close school for the December holidays.

Happy faces, looking forward to the Christmas break.

Choice Club Members 2020

Form 4 students at Njabini School


A very blessed 2021……

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