International Women’s Day

March 8, 2021

A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change.
So let’s all choose to challenge.

Today, we celebrated Women’s Day by conducting a graduation ceremony for our Choice Club members at the AIC school. CHOOSE TO CHALLENGE being the theme for this year; it spoke volumes to the girls. As the Form 4 students prepare to sit their final exams in two weeks, the primary question on their minds is whether they will be successful in the job market. The girls know they have what it takes to make bold moves that will help them obtain jobs, but they also have trepidations about whether they will be given equal opportunities with their male counterparts.

Equal opportunity in the workplace has been a topic that has been addressed for years, but there are still many cases of women being humiliated in the workplace and worse.

Uganda is an African country that takes the issue of gender equality very seriously. There, many women have powerful positions in government, and these encourage more to participate. Women’s Day is actually a national holiday in Uganda.

We celebrated the club members’ achievements by gifting certificates to show they completed the 10 topics in the curriculum, and fully understand what they were taught. We then cut a cake and later shared dinner with the entire school.

The school dinner diet was supplemented with meat, rice, vegetables, fruits and juice all contributed by Valvisions Foundation through the Choice Club.  This act of sharing is one of our core values, being mindful of other people, sharing is caring. Being in boarding school, the school diet is usually very limited, so any addition to the diet is always welcome.

Our guest speaker, Mrs. Njogu, encouraged the girls to stand firm for what they believe in and to avoid bad behavior as such conduct erodes good morals.

Below are some pictures from the ceremony.

Mrs. Njogu, the guest speaker, issues the girls their graduation certificates.

The Form 4 class is issued a success card from the Choice Club as they prepare for their final exams.

Cake to celebrate the graduates and another for the Form 4 class.

Cutting of the cakes assisted by Mrs. Njogu.

Non-graduating students prepare dinner for the rest of the school.

Beef stew mixed with Irish potatoes.

‘Chapati’ is a delicacy for everyone.

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