Choice Club Graduations

March 16, 2021

Graduation ceremonies continue at the schools. It has been a busy week of preparation.  There has been a lot of excitement as the girls look forward to the ceremonies. This past week, we held the ceremony at Njabini Girls’ school. The school is nestled in the Aberdare ranges, a very cold but calm and beautiful area. First time students find it very hard to cope because of the climate. These students are covered in warm sweaters and blazers and leg warmers, but still complain of the cold. There is a myth that cold environments are ideal for a students’ well-being. It is said that the cold keeps the students alert, and they are better able to focus on their exams. There are students who have dipped their feet in freezing cold water while studying especially in schools with a hot climate, like Mombasa, so as to stay alert and not fall asleep during night classes.

The girls at Njabini school were struggling with discipline issues. The school administration typically notifies us when a particular issue arises that they feel Valvisions can help address.

Mr. Kaniu, the Director of the school, testified that since the mentorship program was introduced, they have seen a lot of positive change from the students. He reports that the negative attitude the students previously demonstrated in regard to their education and personal behavior has drastically changed. Mr. Kaniu states the Choice Club members are some of the kindest girls in the school. He says, generally, the Choice Club members are considerate and willing to help when there is need. Mr. Kaniu commented that mentorship students often show the other girls how to respond to issues that would otherwise cause them much stress.

We have held many sessions with the entire school whenever a need occurred, and we are certain the girls keen on improving their lives have learnt a lot from those meetings. We mentor the girls with passion, love and wisdom. We narrate personal success and struggles we have endured growing up, so they know they are not alone; we were once teenagers, too. We strive to get to their level, and we don’t judge them no matter how bad the situation.

It was, therefore, a joy for the Form 1 and 2 girls, all members of the Choice Club, to receive their graduation certificates and to be acknowledged for their good behavior and positive attitude as noted by the school administration. We also celebrated the Form 4 class soon to sit their final examinations and the completion of secondary school. We cooked meals that were shared by the entire school and cut a cake shared by all the club members and the Form 4 students.

Below are pictures from the ceremony.

Choice Club Members getting ready for the ceremony.

Madam Judy, our guest, presents graduation certificates to the club members.

Some of the graduating students with Madam Judy, and Grace, of Valvisions Foundation.

The club officials getting ready to cut the graduation cake.

Representatives of the Form 4 class receiving their success card

from the Choice Club.

Sharing a meal with the rest of the school.

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