Shiners School Farewell Lunch

March 24, 2021

This week’s Form 4 appreciation lunch was held at the Shiners School in Nakuru. They have 187 students sitting the final exams this year. Part of this number are members of the Choice Club. In the spirit of sharing and being mindful of others, the club members chose to share a lunch with the rest of the girls in the school. Due to Covid, schools have not been able to hold prayers meetings in the schools. They were, therefore, excited to have the Choice Club mentorship club appreciate them by sharing a meal and receiving a talk from an invited guest.

Njihia, is a young man who has made a name for himself by entertaining people. After his secondary education, he didn’t find formal employment easy to come by. He tried all sorts of odd jobs and realized that life was not going to be as easy as he had envisioned. He was always a great entertainer while at school and always made people laugh when he entered a room. He had a talent that he realized if put to good use,  could help him make money.

Njihia began entertaining people at wedding parties, school functions, and any gathering he could find that was interested in his offer to entertain. In time, people realized Njihia’s great potential. He became a household name and is now one of the greatest sought after entertainers. He earns much more than he would have earned working in an office.

We invited Njihia to attend the graduation ceremony. He encouraged the girls to make use of their talents after school. As much as we wish all the girls would pass their exams with straight A’s, there are those that will not do so well. Njihia inspired the girls not to give up on life when discouragement knocks. He motivated them to turn away from negative emotions and look within themselves to search for their passions, talents, and gifts.

The girls were happy to hear they can make it in life even if they do not manage to go to university. According to Nihia, they only need to humble themselves and reach for any opportunities available. He encouraged them to preserve their dignity and not settle for less, as they are each uniquely designed for greatness.

The lunch provided by the Choice Club was very much appreciated. There was also cake to crown the ceremony and everyone enjoyed the delicious treat.

Below are pictures from the ceremony:

The students at Shiners school assemble for lunch and a talk from the Choice Club patrons and invited guests.

Lunch is served.

One of the cakes.

Choice Club officials get ready to cut the cake.

The girls are excited to receive success cards.


Farewell picture with Grace of Valvisions Foundation.

Our guest, Njihia, in a yellow t-shirt with some of the Form 4 candidates.

Njihia, guest of the day. Caroline, the deputy head at Shiners school,

and Grace with Elizabeth.


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