Arboretum Gardens

August 30, 2021

Zumba is a fun way to exercise and keep healthy. It involves a lot of dance and music, so it appeals to many, especially the youth. Valvisions Foundation Kenya has been engaging teenagers from different walks of life to focus on fun outdoor activities throughout the month of August. Being outdoors promotes curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. When teenagers and younger children spend time outside, research has shown they have less anger and aggression. When normal routines for teenagers and children change, they tend to change their behavior too, especially in unfavorable circumstances. Stress and depression are lower for all people who spend time in nature.

We have had 4 groups of teenagers between the age of 13-17 years who have benefited from this initiative. The first group enjoyed a nature walk in Karura Forest, the second group hiked the Ngong Hills. The third group had a lovely time at the Oloorua Forest, and the last had a day of fun with a very qualified Zumba instructor at the Arboretum Gardens.


The work-out was intense; it got everyone sweating, even those that thought they would never tire from dancing. Most of these girls hadn’t heard of Zumba, and those that did know about it, hadn’t attended a class or imagined they would. The joy on their faces was priceless!

After each activity, we engaged the young girls in a topic to help them navigate the challenges of life. We encouraged them to stay positive and to focus on life goals without letting difficult circumstances deter them from achieving their aspirations. Most of the teenagers we work with come from informal settlements unlike their counterparts who seem to have a better life. Regardless of their living environments, those with less fortune also have a lot of potential and zeal and when given the opportunity, thrive and excel in ways unimaginable.

The gift in all this is in giving, we please God when we serve others. When we share that special meal with the teenagers after a long day, we show them love.  Food is the fuel we need for our bodies to function. A healthy, wholesome meal not only fills our stomachs, but it can also feed our souls.  Sharing a meal with someone can be a spiritual experience and create a bond between even the most hardened individuals.


At the end of the day, we donated sanitary towels to the girls. This is a commodity that is not easily obtained as most of the girls’ parents are not well to do and basic needs like food, shelter and clothing take prominence in their lives, often leaving the girls needy and vulnerable. We gave each girl 2-3 months’ supply of sanitary towels to ease the burden on both the girls and on their parents.

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