Choice Club Graduations

February 2, 2022

There are many benefits of having a mentor in high school, which can have far reaching implications for students and their overall academic performance.

Mentors become someone that the student can turn to when they are having issues with friends, struggling with classes, or unsure about something in life. They are trusted advisors and friends who have themselves gone through similar situations, and whose only goal is to help the student succeed in high school and beyond.

Mentorship programs come in a lot of different forms, and the type of help and support they offer can be as varied as the schools themselves.

Valvisions Foundation has supported many schools and teenagers in the slums with mentorship programs that have been immensely beneficial. The youth both at school and home need someone who can walk with them and guide them through the many challenges they will inevitably encounter as they mature.

A wide selection of the necessary life skills we teach the girls helps them lead a balanced life that will help give them a successful future. Our students face a lot of challenges growing up, hence the need to be equipped with the necessary skills to face life in and out of school.

This month, we are graduating students who have gone through our mentorship classes. We have 10 topics in our curriculum we teach the students before they graduate at the end of the period.

Graduation ceremonies are usually carried out at the end of the year but due to changes in the school calendar, we are carrying out the graduations this month as schools close on the 4th of March.

Our students always look forward to the graduation ceremonies. We provide a lunch that is shared by the Choice club members, their teachers, and other students. The sumptuous meals are cooked with a lot of joy, and there is great teamwork between the students, the school cooks, and the school administration. The meals we provide are a welcome change to the boring school diet, as one student indicated. For dessert, the graduates, their teachers, and rest of the students feast on different types of fruits and the most favorable of all- the cakes shared by all!

We always bring a guest speaker to motivate the students. We focus on individuals who have faced challenges and overcome them through hard work and commitment.

Below are pictures of our graduation ceremony at AIC GIRLS SCHOOL held this past weekend.

The school principal, Mrs. Njogu, with our guest speaker, presenting a certificate to one of the graduates.

The graduates. We graduated a total of 35 girls.

Choice Club members with their certificates and the cake!

Grace, of Valvisions Foundation, helps cut the graduation cake.

The school principal feeds cake to one of the graduates.

Wishing the Form 4’s success as they get ready to sit their final exams. A success card from the Choice Club members.

A club member happy to receive her certificate.

A successful day!

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