Choice Club Graduations, Shiners And Kimuka Schools

February 28, 2022

We had our graduation ceremony at Shiners Girls school last weekend, and today, we had the final graduation ceremony at Kimuka School. In total, we have graduated over 220 girls in all three schools. Graduation ceremonies usually elicite a lot of excitement. The students prepare well before the graduation day.

School uniforms are washed, dried and put under the mattresses to remove the creases. There are no iron boxes at school; each girl has to invent a method to keep her uniform clean and neat for the big day.

Th guests usually invited to help grace these events, are always very welcome as they bring a new message and hope to the school. The girls are usually very happy to receive a new face in the school and to learn something new from our guests speakers.

The school administration helps us a lot with the ceremonies. They ensure that everything needed for the ceremony is delivered, and they help the students organize the meals with the help of the school cooks. The school compound is cleaned thoroughly, and the entire environment is well-maintained and welcoming.

As much as it is usually a graduation ceremony for the Choice Club, we took time this year, to appreciate the Form 4 class who will be sitting for their final examination. At the three schools, we had a joint ceremony with the Form 4 classes where  we gave them a success card and spoke words of encouragemnet to them.

The meals we prepare for the graduation ceremonies are shared with the entire school. We believe in the spirit of sharing and being mindful of the welfare of the other girls. We squeeze our budgets as much as possible, so we are left with enough finances for the food budget.

Graduating class with their school matron and deputy principal.

A happy girl at Shiners school displays a message on a manila paper.

As beautiful as the message displayed.

Shiners’ Choice Club members get ready to cut their cake assisted by an invited guest.

Representatives of the Form 4 class receive their success card from the club patrons.

Sharing a meal is always a welcomed gesture from the club members.

Students at Shiners school listen to a speech from the invited guests.

Teachers at Shiners school share in the graduation lunch.

Kimuka graduating students.

A teacher at Kimuka school gets ready to present the graduation cake to the students.

Graduating students cut the cake with the help of their teacher.

Happy girls after the graduation ceremony!

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