Conserving The Environment

April 5, 2022

Kenya has experienced very dry, hot, and dusty weather conditions since the beginning of the year. Most parts of the country are experiencing major drought and crop failure as a result of failed rains. Many households in the arid areas rely on livestock as their source of income and have incurred tremendous losses. Many of their animals have perished. Most families depend on rain water both for their personal use and for their animals; without rain it is disastrous for them.

The picture below depicts the dry conditions currently being experienced in most parts of the country.

Below are animals that have died due to the drought.The rivers have dried up, and there is no pasture.

The areas that are mostly affected by drought have suffered excessive tree felling. The government and other bodies concerned with deforestation have been encouraging the communities to plant trees.

This week, we joined the Greens of Africa Foundation in a tree planting exercise in Nyandarua County. We planted over 60,000 trees with the support of the Kenya Defense Forces and the local communities. It was an extremely educative exercise for the community and also a good lesson for the children, to carry forward.

For our part, we transported as many youth and children as we could for the tree planting exercise, so they could learn, enjoy the outdoors, and get some exercise and clean fresh air.

Below are seed balls which can be broadcast in and out of season. They will sit on the soil until the rains come, and then they germinate.

Below are pictures from the tree planting exercise.

Grace of Valvisions Foundation during the tree planting exercise.

Involving children in tree planting so that they can learn the importance of conserving the environment.

Different organizations joined the tree planting exercise.

The Kenya Defense Forces helped a great deal.  

We believe that protecting and restoring forests is essential to slowing the effects of climate change and securing a live-able landscape for the millions of people who depend on forests. Trees mean clean air, water, shade, and life for many across the African continent.

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