Children at the Core

November 23, 2022

Education is critical for breaking the cycle of poverty. Adolescents need to stay in school, perform well, and graduate.

At Valvisions Foundation, children are at the core of what we do, from rescuing girls who are at risk of Female Genital Mutilation (F.G.M) and ensuring they get an education, to helping girls in our communities back in Kenya by providing sanitary towels, so they do not miss school when they are on their menstrual periods.

We have in the past held various workshops where we emphasis the need for the government and the local authorities to ensure that children, especially the ‘girl child’ who is normally ignored, gets the same opportunities as the boys in their age groups. We advocate for the right of the girl child to get an education, as opposed to the cultural view which looks at her as a commodity to be sold to create wealth for the families. And so we say ‘no’ to F.G.M and early marriages that compromise the lives of these young girls!

We have also been able to form clubs at a couple of schools where we offer mentorship to the girls and supply them with sanitary towels and school stationary from time to time.

In our quest to see that we support families that are needy, Valvisions Foundation “adopted’ a family of three siblings in dire need. These children had been out of school for a long while because they did not have the basic needs a child should have nor did they have tuition fees. Their mother was not able to take care of them because she does not have a job to provide them with shelter. Despite the siblings being very bright with a lot of potential at school, there was no hope of their getting an education. In our own small way, Valvisions Foundation was able to rescue these children and take them back to school. The oldest is a girl who joined Secondary School while her two brothers continue their primary education.

By Valvisions Foundation stepping in and helping these children with tuition fees, the siblings have been able to get an education, and they are thriving at school. Having the children back at school has given the mother relief. She is now able to fend for her other children and discontinue  anti-depression medication.

We are happy to report that the ‘adopted’ children are happier now. Their teachers are also extremely happy with their progress at school.

We have made tremendous efforts in the support of our communities, and we hope we can continue being there for these children who need every support made available to them.

Our resources are, however, often inadequate to meet the needs of vulnerable children and adolescents. We are, therefore, often forced to make difficult decisions.

Below are pictures of the girls at the mentorship club and the ‘adopted’ siblings from the time we took them up and placed them in school. Today, we help oversee their day to day lives both while at school and at home.

Some of the girls in our mentorship program as they get ready to sit their final Secondary School exams.

One of the girls who has been a beneficiary of scholastic materials and sanitary towels to support her at school.

Anthony is one of the siblings we ‘adopted.’
This picture was taken before the ‘adoption.’

Angela is the other sibling we ‘adopted.’
This picture was also taken before the ‘adoption.’

Samuel is the third of the ‘adopted’ siblings.

The siblings, all in school uniform after the ‘adoption,’
and ready for a new lease on life at school.

The boys, with Grace, at their school.

Angela happy at her new school.

Outdoor activities to keep the siblings well-rounded.

Motherly love to fill in the gap of their absent parents.

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