About the Artist


Houston artist, Tom duBois, began taking his first art commissions in 1975, airbrushing murals on vans and motorcycles. He later attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago, a highly acclaimed commercial art school, founded in 1923.

After graduating, Tom began working as an illustrator in a large art production house in downtown Chicago. Eventually, his talent led him to freelancing and drawing storyboards for the largest agencies in Chicago’s then-booming advertising business.

At the start of the 90s, Tom was introduced to collectable art and became involved in creating images for The Bradford Exchange Collector’s Plates and Enesco Gift products. The work Tom developed for Enesco was designed primarily for their licensed line of Disney products. Tom was asked to create a line of prints of 5 of Disney’s classic films. The popularity of this Disney series opened the door to another group of collectors in the Limited Edition print industry. A dozen paintings later, Tom became well-known for selling out several series of large editions of images with Biblical themes.


Tom’s interest and pursuit of various art techniques, marks his genius, and as technology moved to the forefront of society, Tom began combining his drawing and painting skills with the limitless possibilities availed through technology. Likewise, as Tom progressed personally in spiritual maturity and stature, he began to develop a unique and stylized look that resonated with his creative process, unlimited imagination, and his rare and unique ability to tap into the dimensions beyond.

Tom duBois’ talent in the arts and his range are unmatchable. Michelangelo’s genius, his range of interest, his ability to surpass the third dimension and bring the visions he received from beyond~ back and into his works, marked Michelangelo’s place in history.

Tom duBois is now amongst us, and his art and reach exceed that of any artist who has thus far walked the planet.

Tom lives and works in Houston’s Museum District with his beloved dog, Javier.