May we ‘hold on to our hats,’ during this unrivaled time in human history as both individuals and our planet are ascending. As a result, we as residents must either evolve with the process or evaporate. The grim-sounding nature of this pronouncement is, in actuality…illusionary, as this is a time for grand celebration!

The Age of Ascension is upon us and, ultimately, the broken and dead systems of the third dimension will be no more!

When the time of waiting has been filled, we, as a species, will have shifted completely into the unparalleled splendor of the fifth dimension—a realm of light and love in which the energetic frequency level of all of humanity, and Planet Earth herself, will have achieved Christed-ness, the vibration of unconditional love.

Many will ask: “What happened to the fourth dimension?” The fourth dimension functions as a silent and neutral zone, the cause of its existence to necessitate a giant leap of faith and ascension into a new world experience so spectacular and special, that it defies all expectation and imagination.

Within the fullness of the fifth dimension, when all have ascended into Christ-conscious awareness, evil will cease to exist. The unseen forces of awareness and enlightenment will have dispelled the dark, and Heaven will reign forevermore.

“For all the dreamers in the world who have lived your lives with a ‘silent knowing,’… our time has finally come.”


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