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In an effort to promote social change amongst communities that practice FGM, Valvisions’ workshops provide opportunities for groups and individuals to exchange information and participate in collaborative activities.

Current Events: June 2015: The third community workshop in Kapchorwa was held. At this workshop, attendees discussed the progress of the scholars now in their second year of high school as well as the impact of this program on their community, so far. Parents and local leaders who attended admittedly recognized that education is changing the lives of their daughters and challenging the status quo which adversely affects women. They courageously pointed out that their culture has many aspects which denigrate women and that these should be changed.

The leader among the men in attendance graciously shared that Valvisions’ efforts are beginning to change history in their District which consists of approximately 4 million members. There is much work to be done.

Overall it was a very successful discussion, and much progress has been made in providing the community with tools to shape positive social change. Ultimately, Valvisions is beginning to witness communities focusing more on the overall well- being of women and recognizing that Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has no benefits and to the contrary, an enormous negative bearing on women’s lives. Hence, the urgent need to eliminate the practice altogether. cm_ws1

Previous Activities:

Future Workshops: During 2015, Valvisions will continue to engage with various communities and target audiences through regular workshops. These workshops will include women and girls from Kapchorwa, as well as local and national leaders to help eliminate the practice of Female Genital Cutting through awareness and to promote the well-being of women in Uganda, East Africa, and eventually, around the world.

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