Introduction to Africa : Soul Passion

From Valvisions’ Director


Africa is often considered the Continent where humanity began its origins. Many believe the Garden of Eden existed there. Perhaps this is so, a fact which would in and of itself, garnish Africa with a matchless global status. In addition, however, or even aside from the potential truth that the human race began there, the Continent of Africa is extraordinary because of the vast nature of its richest resource, a resource that is rarely spoken of, acknowledged, or defined.

The resource that catapults Africa into a special orb all its own is ‘soul passion.’ Soul passion, also referred to as soul power, is a mostly unexpressed, unseen treasure of the heart, a third-eye chakra, of sorts, which has been divinely bequeathed and activated within the African spirit.



Soul passion has been defined as the fervent ability to feel, sense, and receive information beyond the five senses. Soul passion leads individuals into higher levels of consciousness and into the ‘true’ level of awareness. While we all have access to ‘soulfulness,’ Africans seem exceptionally gifted to draw from this light with an incomparable ease and rhythm.

The ability towards soulfulness, for the African (and, therefore, the Continent as a whole), seems to arise from within like an unconscious breath. As the result of this tremendous and natural resource, Africa will most likely become an instrumental forerunner in the dimensional shift now taking place globally – a shift which will continue to rise in the days, months, and years ahead.


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