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Karamojong Girls Update

August 7, 2020

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We were able to trace the Karamojong girls on the streets of Eastleigh in Nairobi. They are extremely scared of anyone who approaches them fearing those who approach could be with the police and have them arrested. Just like life on the streets, they have a leader. Fortunately, Grace was able to approach her and explain her agenda.

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Human Trafficking

August 3, 2020

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Humans beings being auctioned like goods on sale. Physical abuse, children paying the ultimate price of human trafficking. This is the fate of Karamojong girls coming from Eastern Uganda into Kenya; young girls being trafficked for cheap labor.

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July 27, 2020

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Motherhood is the most rewarding job; every woman can attest to that fact. But it comes with many responsibilities that can be a challenge especially to a first-time mother.

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Keeping Students Engaged

July 20, 2020

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Today, I had to take away my daughter’s mobile phone and her laptop. Since most of the schools adopted online classes, parents have been forced to buy mobile phones and laptops for their children and make sure that they have access to the Internet.

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Too Close Too Soon

July 13, 2020

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Society in general no longer accepts biblical principles of sexual morality. Sex is considered a normal part of a dating relationship, and couples very often live together before or instead of marrying. This has greatly contributed to adolescent pregnancies.

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July 6, 2020

Posted by on Jul 6, 2020 in news | Comments Off on Overcomers

There has been an upsurge in teenage pregnancies and incidents of women being cut when they go to give birth. Our girls come from a community that strongly believes in FGM as a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood.

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Fistula Awareness

June 29, 2020

Posted by on Jun 29, 2020 in news | Comments Off on Fistula Awareness

As the world marked another day of Fistula Awareness on May 23rd, many women had their chance to celebrate their triumph and tribulation over their experiences with fistula; others didn’t get a chance to step past their doorsteps because of the stench from their bodies~ the shame kept them from having a smile on their face.

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International Day Of The African Child

June 22, 2020

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This day is celebrated on the 16h of June every year. Children the world over are a vulnerable group and a lot needs to be done to protect them. The world has changed, in the past especially in Africa, a child belonged to the whole community. Any adult was deemed safe enough to take care of a child when the parents were away, or to discipline them when they erred without necessarily seeking the permission of the parents. In return, the children knew that they had many eyes watching, and so they behaved appropriately.

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