Introduction 2 – Process of Ascension

Process of Ascension

process of ascension

How will Africa become a strong world force during this unparalleled time in human history? How will Africa’s influence be monumental during this process of Ascension? How will Africa guide, lead? As the result of its unbounded soulfulness, Africa (similar to the rest of us), need only be receptive to the light it receives. It is the light, the power of the soul that will move/is moving to dispel ‘the darkest dark’ (The Rainbow Vision). Africa, therefore, need only be Africa.

In the energetic realm, the darkest dark (here, female genital mutilation) is aligned next to the lightest light (here again, soul power). Female genital mutilation (FGM) is most prevalent in the African countries that form a linear scar across the heart of the great Continent, from east to west. No other practice in the world reigns as dark against the feminine gender as the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM). And…what hurts one gender hurts the other; what hurts one individual hurts us all.


When global awareness regarding the continued reality of this practice, (FGM) reaches the tipping point (51 percent consciousness), this practice will simply and effortlessly, fall away. When it falls away, the feminine will rise to her natural state, balance will exist among the genders, and humanity will ascend without anchor.

Valvisions Foundation is privileged to develop programs in Africa. Through both the development and implementation of our awareness programs there, Valvisions hopes to help dispel the darkest dark while standing both, beside and inside, a Continent which appears to hold, in vast abundance~possession of the lightest light.

 What is the Rainbow Vision?tss

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