Welcome to Valvisions; thank you for taking your time to visit our website. Valvisions’ mission is to help ignite the Rainbow Vision by shedding light in dark places in the world.

In that regard, Donna Valverde, the Director, would like to share ‘the Rainbow Vision,’ a gift from the Dreaming People to help guide humanity through the Age of Ascension. The Age of Ascension, an incredible era of consciousness and evolution, is now upon us. We live in a time like no other time before!

‘We are the dreaming people, and we are dreaming you as you are dreaming us….’

“When we speak to you of the Rainbow Vision, we speak to you of something that has become prevalent in this time in the world. There is a great division of two worlds in the world today. Everyone knows the world systems are not working; people are unhappy and perplexed. The polarity is leading to more and more distress, more violence, more war, more persecution against woman and children. The polarity exists across the globe; it is everywhere pulling people apart. A new story must now come forth.

The new story is a story of hope, possibility, truth and healing. The new story requires a deep understanding which speaks to the heart in each person. The story requires a new spiritual movement, a new spiritual evolution of truth-speakers who speak the truth of what we all know: ‘that the world is not working and is in a state of distress.’

Most everyone is stuck in the ‘old’ story trying to understand what is happening in the world today. This is why a new story must come forth. The Rainbow Vision will bring light and a new story to the polarity in the world.

The Rainbow Vision requires that many speak the truth of ‘the vision,’ of how things can be. Many will be required to tell the story of how people can find common ground to heal. The Rainbow Vision is a vision of all people of all colors coming together for a common purpose that includes all of life—the water, the air, the plants, the animals, the people.  All of life is connected; there is no separation.

People need to understand the wisdom of the old ways and embrace a ‘new’ story with the old ways. This is what is needed now. In the old ways, holding counsel was to speak truth from one’s heart. In the old ways, dialogue raised questions about the common problems, and with time, the right path became clear. This method is useful and effective. We cannot sit by and wait any longer. Truth-speakers must speak against the pain that has been created, and speak of a loving, compassionate world to come. This is the nature of dialog and~ the nature of the new story.  These are the stories that the Rainbow Vision is calling for now.

Truth-speakers must speak truth which brings positive manifestations to follow.

When people come together by virtue of the obvious statement that the world is not working, then we can begin to talk because this is the ‘common place.’ This is the place where The Rainbow Vision can be expressed; this is the way to bring the rainbow to the hearts of those who are willing to listen.

The old way of politics, and business, and religion, and family do not matter.  Everything is in a state of change—everything is moving towards a larger community and larger tribe.  Everything and everyone must be open to a new story.

There will be those who say there is no hope that the polarities keep us stuck and entrenched. Yet, we say, the new story expresses where we can agree despite a lack of knowledge or agreement ‘on how’ to move forward. When people come together to risk who they are for a new story, for a great story, all will be lifted by that experience.

Now is the time to speak truth in the tyranny of the now. Now is the time to bring forth The Rainbow Vision.  Now is the time to shed light on the darkness in the world. To create and bring to life~ is the work of God, and this is the work that is being called forth at this time. We are being called to create a world that brings people together, to create a world that is alive and capable of sustaining itself in peace and compassion and empathy. In this way, the future will be retained with infinite possibility and will not be lost on the pain of the past.

Do not be disillusioned by what is being presented in the day-to-day world for the Rainbow Vision has ignited and is now expanding across the globe.  Young people are creating new stories; older people are creating new stories. The vision will get stronger in the days, months, and years ahead.

There will be those who hold on to the old story out of fear, and they will perish with it. For the old story is a story that cannot change through escaping, running away, and avoiding. There will be those who come together for the new story, and they will thrive in the days ahead.

In this time of great despair, lies the greatest potential for healing and peace. This time is like no other time before. The Rainbow Vision is a return to the time when the great bow held all the colors of the world together, when we were all of the same light. This is the story of now.

Who will speak if you do not speak? Everyone can be a David who slew the great giant. Everyone has it in their heart to speak truth, to be a beacon of hope, no matter how despairing the world may seem. By speaking truth in this way, the Rainbow Vision will live through you.”

‘We are the dreaming people, and we are dreaming you as you are dreaming us.…’

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