November 21, 2016

The first group of girls will finish their exam on the 28th of November, and the last group will finish on the 30th of November. They will all come to the Holiday House and pack their personal belongings. Afterwards, we will hold a farewell lunch for them before they leave for their homes.

The results of the exams should be out by mid-February according to the Ministry of Education. My prayer is that the girls all perform well, the support they have received so far from Valvisions Foundation is great. They are very fortunate to have received and completed a Secondary Education, with that they can get simple jobs that will enable them to pay for college, if they chose to continue with their education.  Whatever the case, their minds, eyes and ears have been opened; they now understand that the world is a much larger place than they were able to realize before. The door to opportunities is now available to each one of them.

Today we shopped for house supplies for the girls, then went back to the Holiday House to deliver everything for the girls’ arrival.

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