From The Director – Rainbow Vision

Thank you for taking the time to visit Valvisions’ website.

The Valvisions’ team is diligently at work helping to promote God’s promise to bring ‘Heaven to Earth,’ by shedding light
on dark
places in the world. Much of our effort is directed at creating awareness about female genital mutilation through
our film ‘Healing Magdalene,’
and supporting African women and girls at risk of ‘being cut.’ (Please see ‘The Film’ section
of our website and ‘Our Causes’ for
more information about ‘Healing Magdalene’ and our programs in Kenya and Uganda).

Our journey began with my parents, Don and Helen Valverde. It was through their hard work, generosity, love for family, life,
and their fellow human beings that Valvisions was created.


The Rainbow Vision

As the Director of Valvisions Foundation, I have been given the extraordinary opportunity to speak out against female genital mutilation and to share ‘The Rainbow Vision.’ With liberation against the anchoring practice of female genital mutilation, the feminine energy will rise, creating a balance among the genders. With this increasing balance, as well as individual ascension, the mass collective will shift up and into the glorious splendor of the fifth dimension.

Please take a few moments to read the following section about Africa’s rise and to watch the video, afterwards. The video brings forth the prophetic words of ‘The Rainbow Vision,’ an ancient and holy message which has now come forward, for a time such as this.

The ‘Symptoms of Individual Ascension’ and ‘The Positive Aspects of Ascension’ are included at the conclusion of the video (Touch the Star).

Thank you for being a part of our world~

Rise and shine!

Donna L. Valverde
Director of Valvisions Foundation

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